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10th NG Birthday

11/21/13 by GoryBlizzard

1 decade. 10 years. 3,654 days (double-checked with NG Logs on this one--I calculated the subsequent numbers by hand). 87,696 hours. 5,261,760 minutes. 315,705,600 seconds. That's how much time has elapsed since November 21, 2003. Now that you know these numbers, pause, take a deep breath and allow them to truly sink in.

Has anyone heard of Facebook in 2003? YouTube? Reddit? Twitter? Tumblr? Instagram? The social media landscape of the Internet in general has changed a lot over this past decade. You know you're old when you still use message boards and chat rooms more often than most people expect.

I was 13 and in 8th grade when I made this account. It's been a fucking trip to say the least, but one that hasn't ended yet.

I'm going to devote this news post to some random thoughts and questions that have been on my mind for quite a while now. It's okay if you don't have the answers to any of the questions I ask, because I don't either.

I wonder how may of you reading this weren't even born yet when I made this account exactly 10 years ago today.

I wonder how many people I once talked to here are either dead, in prison or in a secure psychiatric ward, besides the most well-known ones.

I wonder how many enemies I have over some truly stupid, trivial exchanges that may have happened forever ago.

How exactly would the trajectory of my life had changed if I simply didn't frequent NG to the extent that I have over such a long time?

As I scroll through my list of contacts on my phone, I see so many names I probably wouldn't have encountered outside NG. A fair number of them haven't gotten a text or call from me in ages, but then again, many in that group also left ages ago or already talk to me through other mediums.

Stuff I'm working on now: work. Going through that boring daily grind that is my life. This is my escape. Also, I have 3 pending top secret projects including a book. Because they're top secret, I can't elaborate. I'm also going through my old poetry and short stories that I wrote when I was still in high school. Although I made some of them public on the BBS over 7 years ago, I'm still waiting for the right time to re-introduce them, which isn't quite yet.

There are a bunch of other things that the future holds. And as far as future meets go, well, anyone can contact me and ask for a good time to hang out. When I'm not home, I'm usually not too far away unless I explicitly state otherwise. As for big meets? Well, I might try doing them in other places outside NYC as an experiment, but we can talk more about that later.

One key thing has never changed...

I still love shit more than I love you.


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Happy BirthGay NG



You are an amazing person.



NG a veteran website and the best

i a';m in prison

1/22/14 GoryBlizzard responds:

Hmm? I don't really believe that, but I haven't heard from you in a long time. Elaborate.



wow 10 years

it's funny how fast things move. i made my first account here in 2006 and i'm bordering on 7 years

what a long, strange trip its been



Congrats on 10 years sir. I've been here 5, I wish I did something productive on here..

Ten years. Wow. My 7th birthday wasn't too long ago. It is amazing to think you have been with a website for long.



Nevermind, honestly, I have changed, don't unban me, because I am seriously never going to that shit hole again.

12/3/13 GoryBlizzard responds:

Fair enough, but when you want to have a discussion with me about your case, let me know.



It feels like I may have been banned from the NG chat longer then that though.

Eat shit...with some hookers.

12/2/13 GoryBlizzard responds:

I'm going to give you some serious advice even though you don't have a good history of taking it: look in the mirror. Closely analyze everything it is about yourself that gets you in trouble so often.



Ng is damn old and has provided entertainment for many throughout the years. I remember the days of play games in midle school on here.



Congrats on ten long years! I've been here since late 2003 too, but thanks to the vicious malicious portal entries at the start of 2004 I had to start on a clean slate, same age btw. Feels like a merit to have been around for so long. I'm not proud of all the changes that have happened to the community, but I'm proud of still being a member; being active; having been here for so long while others are just now finding out about this place. :)

MySpace was actually founded back in 2003, FB in 2004, YT in 2005. Sure didn't take long for them to take over though...

Wonders without answers.

Haha, cheers; here's to another fifteen! 25 to life would be an interesting amount to look back on. :P



Happy NG birthday to you ^^



Happy NG anniversary dude! I joined NG in my late 20's, right after my video production career ended, so... I can't say I've changed much, but sometimes I think NG sapped the creativity out of me. Either that, or my true ivory tower doesn't have wifi...