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AMA/Ask Me Anything

Posted by GoryBlizzard - February 24th, 2013

Pretty straightforward. Just ask me anything, and get an answer...or not. If you post a question and you see that I haven't answered it, it's because I discarded it simply because it just wasn't worth my time. However, I expect to answer the vast majority of the questions (and hopefully every one...hopefully) that are asked to me, and I hope they're well thought out.

I've never done an AMA here before, but this certainly isn't a bad time to start, and good questions will be rewarded with long-winded and detailed answers.

Comments (18)

Do you plan on spending your entire life in NYC?

Yes, although if staying here in the future becomes impossible, I will most likely relocate to another part of the state. NY has 62 counties and 5 of them are the boroughs that make up NYC. I will try to stay as close as I can to NYC if I'm put in a position where I have to move out of it. That means I'll likely be in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Columbia or Greene Counties. I'd still never rule out moving as far west as Erie County or as far north as Clinton County or anywhere else in between.

Is your long-term goal to keep working as a Park Supervisor?

This is a good question that I'm still trying to figure out the answer to. For now, yes, although anything could happen, and I'm really trying to move up the ladder instead of staying in my present position for all eternity. My current position isn't actually all that secure, and many of the people I supervise haven't even graduated high school and earn only $9.21/hour as part of a welfare to work program which lasts 6 months, on average.

For me to move up the ladder in my department to a much more powerful supervisory role, that means taking long exams, investing countless hours obtaining special licenses to handle pesticides, biohazardous waste, using highly specialized equipment and tons more. I'm willing to invest as much time as needed. However, I've also had long conversations with much higher level supervisors that make more money than I do. Some of them are happy with where they are and others just want to go back to school, get a degree in a completely different field, and start anew. Maybe I will be one of those people, but I truly hope not.

would you prefer a dinner of boneless chicken wings diced and mixed up in a bowl of chocolate chipo mint ice cream or a platter of spaghetti mixed with sourpatch kids, honey butter, raisins, and slices of melon + kiwi?

The latter.

You can only pick ONE in each category:

1. Yankees or Mets?

2. Jets or Giants?

Reasons why would be appreciated, too.

1. Yankees. I wish I had a reason other than that they're the team everyone here seems to like more. I'm not even close to a baseball person.
2. Jets. Again, I wish I had a reason. I'm also not even close to a football person.

I was never a fan of any sports team growing up--in my home region or elsewhere. Somehow, there are little bits and pieces of sports-related paraphernalia in my possession, like this old Knicks jacket I used to wear a lot in elementary school, even though I never gave a fuck about them. I've been to just a few baseball games in my life, and the first one I went to--a Yankees game at the old stadium--I puked all over this couple after eating an ice cream bar and if they're still alive, they'd probably still remember that day.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I actually don't have one. I'm a sorbet person, and I mainly like raspberry and lemon sorbet.

Suddenly I'm all out of smart questions. :/ What's your favorite paradox?

Can't get a job without experience, can't get experience without a job.

Any time I go through periods of unemployment, that always comes back to me. Now isn't one of those times though.

Do you have a camera (that's not a cell phone), and what kind of features do you like on it?

Yeah. It's an older digital camera--a Sony DSC-P72 and only 3.2MP. It doesn't really have many features anyway, and nothing super cool. So IDK what I'd say I like on it...maybe the time, which is common among all cameras. I'd get a new camera, but at the same time, I feel as though my phone gets the job done.

Why don't you post in the Metal Hell anymore?

It's because I keep forgetting. I've been there since January 12, 2005, so that's over a good 8 years. My taste is largely the same as you probably remember it and right now I'm actually hoping to hit up a good show soon. Sadly because of how busy I've been, I've missed some good bands like Wintersun playing here lately and I'm really hoping to change that.

What's your feelings about Bloomberg? And big sodas? And styrofoam in general?

He's done both good and bad throughout his time in office. Banning drink cups > 16 oz. was always a fucking terrible idea and it won't put the brakes on obesity rates. Instead it restricts freedom of choice. The ban is also easily circumventable since you'll still be able to buy 2 and 3 liter bottles of soda at any convenience store or supermarket, and standard 20 oz bottles too. For people that must get their soft drinks from a fountain, they can always go to the countless restaurants in Long Island, the Hudson Valley and northern NJ where as of this writing, no such ban exists and they will primarily reap the benefits. I'm not someone that drinks big sodas a lot, but I like to every now and then, and the option should still remain open for people like me.

Styrofoam is just styrofoam. It gets the job done.

Bloomberg has also been in office for way too long. Everyone that voted in favor of changing the law so he could run and serve for a third term is crazy. The law should definitely be rolled back at some point. I have Bloomberg fatigue as I'm sure many other NYers do. 2014 can't come soon enough.

I also hate how Bloomberg is trying to attract tourists to the outer boroughs, which have historically been more residential and quiet (except for maybe Coney Island) compared to Manhattan. Ugh. Like his plan to build the largest ferris wheel in the world in St. George, near the Staten Island Ferry terminal. Disneyifying NYC like this disgusts me in countless ways.

Thanks for the thoughtful replies. Are you going to be able to afford the extra classes you need to get a promotion at work? Are there many others in line for the same position?
I used to work for a Parks and Rec crew in an expensive, corrupt town... half the staff was on drugs (other than pot), the other half was drunk and working on the side, when they weren't wasting gas and hiding during the rain :\ To think I quit a decent job just to try to get into their union.

At the moment, I can't afford them on my own. I'll have to depend on having my department pay for the classes for me...if they ever will, and yes--I'm competing with a lot of other people internally.

There are a lot of druggies here too at all levels, but what can you do...welcome to Parks.

why did you ban me?

For posting gratuitous spammy ASCII art of that "STFU truck." I warned you to stop and not to do it again (as did another mod). You didn't stop and you decided to do it again right after I gave you the warning. When I warn anyone to stop doing something, I mean it and I will take necessary action to enforce the rules, and in this case, you deserved the 2 day ban I gave you which expires tomorrow. All ASCII art as well as spam (obviously) is not permitted in the chat and if I give you a warning to stop doing something (or if another mod warns you), then you must stop right then and there without wasting any time.

How do you feel about a junior in high school getting a scholarship to Oxford University, and skipping the senior year of high school in its entirety?

That's you, right? Extremely impressive and rare these days. Congrats--I can't think of anyone else who has been successful at doing that. Most people don't even do much with their senior years anyway--that's generally considered to be the most relaxed year of high school unless people choose to make it harder for themselves based on either 1) poor choices in past years or 2) intentionally seeking out new academic challenges.

Are you a virgin? And are you religious?

No to both.

Got a favorite colour?

Black, brown, gray, blue--take your pick.

How was your childhood/adolescent years? Any fond memories?

I couldn't have grown up in a better part of the world, and for that, I'll be forever grateful.

My childhood...well, I was a messed up kid. I was homeschooled until 2nd grade because I had it in my head that school wasn't a safe place to be and everyone would be out to get me. I felt as though my fears were confirmed, but once I got in, I couldn't really jump ship. Academically, I did just fine. Socially, I did not so fine, but I still remember everyone that stuck by me when I was much younger and maybe I'll see some of them again. Getting bullied sucked. It was a mistake to tell people how much I loved shit...no one ever left me alone after they knew that.

In 1998, I had an orchiopexy to get my unilateral cryptorchidism corrected...in other words, only one of my balls dropped and I needed surgery to get that fixed. The pediatric urologist that performed that surgery on me died in a solo car fire in June 2010--almost 12 years after I last saw him, which I felt bad about because he was one of the most skilled doctors I've ever had, and I owe him my sex life.

As for middle school, well, I still think about that period of time often. Again, I did fine academically and excelled in plenty of classes. There were just too many people that gave me a hard time, but the worst ones stopped after I called their parents. Socially, I began to crumble, and really started punching myself like never before, in every way. This gets into things that are too painful to discuss, and my drinking got bad during this period of time.

When I got into high school, I didn't exactly get the fresh start I was hoping for. I found a lot of kids that I went to elementary school with, and that re-ignited a lot of the issues I faced previously as a child. Nearly the whole school figured out that I loved shit and gave me a hard time about it. However, many people also recognized that I was a genius, especially in math classes where I'd often catch people trying to cheat off me. I felt like a mess overall, and the best part of high school, frankly, was the end. However, I do have some fond memories there, and still think about some of the teachers and certain people often--a few of whom I still keep in contact with. I continued to struggle with drinking as well.

Wow...I just realized how depressing all of this sounded. Maybe it's just because I'm tired right now.

Why does it suck so bad to live in a rural area?

Not much to do day to day, and it can be potentially dangerous when there's an emergency. I like to vacation in rural areas from time to time, but I would never live in one.

weed or hash?


will you ever be level 60?