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This did a horrible job of satirizing me. We don't spell "labor" as "labour" here and NYC isn't a town. You also could've at least written like me or a New Yorker in general, which you didn't. All you get credit for is somehow figuring out that I plan to decrease the value of real estate by rubbing shit on everyone's houses at some point, because that's not even a joke.

So True

Thanks for finally telling the masses the truth about Ebaumsworld (even though I've already known it for a long time). A very catchy song with a true message... nice. Excellent job.


Hysterical. Out of the countless movies on NG involving Tom, this has to be my favorite.

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My People Who Hate Shit thread only bothered people that hate shit, which is just a small minority. And no, that's not a crazy or outlandish thing to say. I truly do believe that only a small minority of people hate shit. I do believe that a good majority dislike shit and hate having to make bathroom trips or play with it, but hating shit would require such a high level of repulsion that they won't even do it or enjoy the feeling of it.

I know I would have won the Oddball award had it existed in previous years before I won it the first time in 2019, but I don't really compete for anything. I still await my award certificate from last year and my 2 new ones for the awards I picked up this year. They will be framed at home, not at work. Certificates are cheaper to produce than actual award trophies, which are also an option. So is doing nothing but this. IDK, think about it.

Little-Rena responds:

Ok, I'll make you some certificates, but I hate shit.

Pretty Good Sig Maker

So far so good. I'd like to see many more logo options, which I'm sure you'll implement in your next update. Anyway, good job.

Superb Stuff

Not only is this the best game submitted on Denvish Day, but one of my all-time favorite games on NG. This game is very easy to pick up and play, and is extremely addictive too. My highest score (so far) is 325. Great job Tom. :)

TomFulp responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have never personally scored that high, so congrats!

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Almost 10 years later, I still want to re-live this. You up for doing something soon?

I was messing around on a keyboard last week and came up with something that sounded just like this. On that basis, and in the right horror movie, it's a fitting theme.

At least you tried answering my question to the best of your ability. With some of the other people, you had an easier time, and your overall performance was good. I'll take you up on your interview offer. You may want more background information which I can PM you with, and then we can settle on a mutually agreed upon date and time.

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The sky is never that purple where I live. But overall, as a standalone piece, this is high quality. Good thing it's not anime (or is it?). Maybe this would have looked slightly better if darker, but then you'd also have to consider other elements in this piece as they pertain to lighting.

RaNcIdPsYcHoJoSh responds:

Thanks for the review.
It is supposed to be a little anime, she does have an anime face (as do all my characters), but I'm not sure if I could call my style anime overall.


You got Ben's face down perfectly, from all of the seemingly infinitesimal details to the big picture. I don't think this could have turned out any better. Also, you should consider drawing me next whenever you have the time. If you're interested, let me know and I'll try to give you a good base pic to work off.

What can brown do for you?

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